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A Welcome Note...

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website for the 89 / 317 FSS Re-enactment Group.

I hope you have time to look through this website, the purpose of which is educate and inform both to the historical aspect of the airborne field security sections during the Second World War, and to the re-enactment group that is 89FSS.  You'll also find histories on the other impressions that we do (see Re-enactment for more detail).

We also affiliate ourselves to a number of other British airborne re-enactment groups as part of our wider association with the 39-45 Living History Society.  This website also has histories behind each of these other British airborne groups as well (see Affiliated Groups, and the Site Map for a full list)

To navigate you way around the pages, please use the menu bar to your left.

A full site map explaining the different sections that can be found in this website can be found here.  Please do have a look as it will give you a better idea of what can be found on this site.

This site is continually developing, with new information, new histories, etc, so  please do come back again.

If you wish to leave a comment about the site please do so via the guestbook.

Best Wishes,


Tracing Your Family's Military History

We receive many requests from visitors wishing to trace their own family's history during WW2. To help, we have written a short guide to help you in your quest.  Please remember, we are group of re-enactors with a great deal of knowledge on our subject.  Whilst we will do what we can to help you with any query or question you may have, we don't have a direct access to service records or personal histories - however we will help in pointing you in the right direction.  If we do know, we'll let you know!


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War & Peace Show 2003

Best Individual Display


(click on picture to see plaque in full)

More Detail Here


As Featured In...

Military Machines International
December 2005

Toy Soldier Show, London, December 2006

Skirmish Magazine

Padre's Perils - Gun Mart, January 2009


Up Coming Key Events...


89/317FSS and the 39-45LHS are looking forward to a bigger and busier re-enactment season for 2012.

Key events for our 10th year include:

VE Show, Waltham Abbey

IWM / Airborne Assault

Maiden Newton at War

Festival of History

See more of where and when we are on this years events list here


What's New...



  • RAChD - new photo's and info
  • 22 IndCoy - revised information care of a veteran, Mr Bob Stoodley
  • Events - A full programme of events for the year ahead. See Events



  • Events - A full programme of events ahead for 2009.  See Events
  • Guestbook - currently down, but comments can be emailed to us at


  • Personnel Files: Sgt. Robert Pinguet, 89FSS.
  • Padre's Perils - from Gun Mart's own John Norris.  See INTSUM
  • Group Appearance In The Media. See INTSUM
  • As Featured In:  Two new articles that 89FSS and the wider 39-45 LHS has featured in (see column to right)

01-Jan 09


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