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2007: A Seasons Recap - not Redcap!




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The weeks and months of 2007 seem to have just flown by – 89 FSS (and now as part of the wider 39-45 Living History Society – Hi to Matt and Andy) have been too busy to stop, pause and note that we’ve been in this game for over 5 years now.  The 2008 season will clock up the sixth year – we’ll have been in uniform for 6 years, and by the end of it – like “Dads Army” – been at it longer than WW2 itself! 

Unlike our illustrious forebears, the combatants of WW2, we have enjoyed every minute – we must reflect for a moment, for them WW2 was long periods of boredom and suffering, punctuated with seconds of sheer terror mixed with the utmost elation.

2007 saw us again at the County Hotel for our Regimental Dinner – it grows every year, with more in uniform and the delight of added ladies.  Many thanks to Len, but next year will see a move to Cirencester – hopefully the Fleece can equate the service provided in Chelmsford. 

All will recall the atrocious weather suffered in the “Summer” of 07, but did we allow it to get us down – rain certainly did not stop play – No! We carried on regardless. 

Fears for the last day of the great VE Show at Waltham Abbey (many thanks to Les – again!) proved unfounded, but the early departure of some of the enemy (to be expected!!) and some of our junior colonial cousins (I thought they liked the wet……..?), didn’t stop an excellent scrap.  Earlier that weekend, those there will recall the emotive visit by US Airborne and Army Air Corps WW2 veterans and the jeep tours we gave – the least we could do!

Another fabulous Normandy Commemoration tour saw us stretch further a field to Port-en-Bessin and an epic quest to discover the 47 (RM) Cdo Memorial (hope that Eric liked the pictures Rich).  The weather was again unkind for that day, but it allowed us to appreciate the truly epic proposition that was D Day and, the heroic task set the tragically undermanned and under-equipped Cdo – they still did it!.  The French have now sited the Memorial atop one of the positions assaulted – next to the golf course!  Again, the evening at Pegasus Bridge will provide many memories.

We are fortunate to be asked to provide representations of both Artillery and Engineer units at their respective museums, allowing us to fulfil the “educational” commitment implicit in historical re-enactment.  Many thanks to all the Staffs at Woolwich and Chatham, for return invitations for 2008.

Avoiding War & Peace at Beltring this year – not entirely all our choice (but we have been poorly served in previous years), proved sensible one after seeing pictures of the flooding, but it did prevent us supporting our Axis colleagues during the appalling attempt at a political hatchet job by a previously respected journo!!

Our profound thanks go out to Deborah and Gary Howard for yet another superb Military Odyssey, all exhausted at the end (good luck to Gary), and we must mention our new affiliation with the superb “ODWACH” of Poland – “first to fight” indeed – see you in 2008 Mike R.  Lovely to see old friends (not so much old he’s heard to say) Don Turner and his delightful wife Olive – Don, late of 21 Ind Para Coy and an Arnhem Veteran (thanks to Ade and Lez), and their new car!

Following on, whilst the group did not send a representation to Arnhem in 2007, the intention is to have a good turnout in '08, with Group jumpers from Daks at the Heath, collected in Group Jeeps for the race to the Bridge.  The 65th Commemoration beckons in '09 for most however.

Finishing with the rail events – the Nene Valley grows with each year and promises much for 2008 – meeting in the early part of the year should firm up the details, with 2 battles a day and a Sat evening period dance.  But, we must spare a thought for the season’s casualty, Severn Valley and the millions required to relay track and rebuild the infrastructure after the flooding.  Supporting the SVR at the dance night saw drinking into the early hours, regards to the newly promoted Sgt and his lady for providing the venue!

Goodnight and good luck as our cousins would say,


God Save the King



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