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First to Fight!

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Those who have met the 89FSS/39-45 LHS at Living History events will have doubtless noted that alongside the Red bereted re-enactors representing members of 1/6th British Airborne Divisions that there would have been a number of Grey berets also.  These are re-enactors are representing 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade, however as this representation grew the Society attracted some recruits who are genuinely of Polish origin (not just to add authenticity!).

We are now glad to say that this element has grown large enough to form a section of the Society in their own right, and also wish to represent other Polish units - such as the 3rd Carpathian Rifles of Tobruk and Cassino fame, where possible. 

To that effect 89FSS/6th Abn and the other elements of 39-45 LHS are honoured to welcome "First to Fight" - a group of Polish patriots operating in the UK, just like 1940-45.  We look forward standing shoulder to shoulder at events across the UK and perhaps, an invitation to Poland? 


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