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Over the years members of the group, their vehicles and equipment, have been featured in various forms of public access media.  These opportunities have been taken to publicise the events that we have taken part in, and, to carry forward the re-enactors responsibility to educate, inform and commemorate.

The broadcast media have appeared at events and interviews have been given to:

  • Meridian TV for the Royal Engineers Museum at Brompton Barracks, Chatham

  • BBC Radio Kent for the War and Peace Show at The Hop Farm, Beltring

  • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for The 40’s Weekend at The Nene Valley Railway

and interestingly,

  • The Imperial War Museum’s Sound Archive at Military Odyssey, Detling Kent

Features (some including photographs of group members or their vehicles and equipment) on events the group have attended or managed have been included in national and local press and “trade journals”:

  •  Local press in the Waltham Abbey and Dorchester areas have featured the VE and Maiden Newton at War Shows including the Blackdown Vale magazine piece on the War Memorial commemoration at Maiden Newton.

  • A number of editions of “Gun Mart” have featured uncredited members of the group in battle scenarios, and our thanks goes out to John Norris for his excellent Padre’s Perils in the January 2009 edition featuring our very own member of the cloth’s sermon on licentious behaviour at Detling.

  • Photographs of Jeeps, with or without, members of the group for context, have appeared in Classic Military Vehicle and Military Machines International.

  •  And finally, Skirmish Magazine – a house journal - who featured a photograph of the founding public event of the group at Bolsover Castle (many years ago) and the very complimentary 4 page spread, with numerous members of the group in shot, at Maiden Newton at War just last summer.


Whilst we’re not in re-enactment for the fame and notoriety, it is very nice to be noticed for the accuracy and authenticity of our depiction.  The biggest of compliments of course, comes from the veterans of the units we represent, and, kind words from former-Field Security men, Glider Pilots, Sappers and Gunners, have meant so much over the years.



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