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Padre's Perils (Military Odyssey, Detling 2008)





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Elsewhere in the woods WWII British airborne troops could be found, including the Glider Pilot Regiment, who were portraying the troops who took part in actions such as Normandy and Arnhem. The group depicting the 6th Airborne Division, the unit which in reality dropped into Normandy on the night 5/6 June 1944, were taking part in a parade which, although serious in content, was one of the most amusing, indeed hilarious, presentations I have ever witnessed at any event. The men were on parade and about to be addressed by their Padre (Chaplain). What followed was an informal talk on the perils of excess drink and carnal knowledge, liberally laced with innuendoes and `double entendres'. Yes, it was the good, old-fashioned VD Lecture, which most soldiers have had at one time or another. As a veteran, and proud of the fact, I too remember such a presentation but nothing like this. During the war talks on this very serious matter were usually delivered by a doctor warning of the perils of being lured by a certain kind of woman. As a factual presentation the Padre's delivery was spot on, but it was his immaculate timing, delivery and dry wit which could only have' come through having served in the military which made it wonderful to watch. It was a pity that not more people took time to watch such an extraordinary presentation. How he kept a straight face when the rest of the group were doubled over in laughter is a mystery. All I can say is he missed his vocation as either being ordained as a real Padre or as a stand-up comedian. This is what such shows are all about and is great entertainment. The group can be contacted through the Website at:

John Norris - Gun Mart Jan 09


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