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The author, an old friend of 89 FSS WWII Re-enactment Group and serving member of the Intelligence Corps, has completed (and published) an encyclopaedic study of airborne intelligence units and operations from their inception until prudent (cleared by the MOD) on national security grounds.

Graeme Deeley’s 7 years of hard graft – hours in dusty museum archives and numerous interviews with veterans (some now sadly departed), has reaped huge benefits to those with an interest in both, airborne operations, or the process of intelligence from WWII until Op TELIC and beyond.  It also bore other fruit (in the shape of a delightful wife), for Graeme personally.

I cannot recommend highly enough Graeme’s extensive research and his scholarship.  The book, initially rejected by a number of publishers due the “narrow” level of interest for the general public (showing their short-sightedness) is detailed but, extremely readable – with enough reference material to keep even the most jaundiced airborne buff interested. It covers: 89, 317, 595(Ind), the Div. G Int HQ, and some more esoteric SF attached Int elements. Oh, how it would have made the process of establishing the Re-enactment group so much easier had Graeme’s book been on the shelves 5 years ago.

It remains unfortunate that a number of veterans involved did not see the publishing of a volume which records, for posterity, their somewhat overlooked, but operationally vital role in the conflicts engaged upon by the UK from WWII to Iraq 2003.

Kindest regards to Graeme, his charming wife, excellent publisher and all those involved either as contributors or producers of this fantastic volume.



"Worst Fears Confirmed" Cover

Worst Fears Confirmed 
Graeme Deeley

Published by: Barny Books

Hough on the Hill

Tel: 01400 250246

ISBN: 1.903172.54.3


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