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Each of these sections will contain:

History - A history of the Intelligence Corps; a brief history of airborne forces; a history of 89 & 317 Field Security Sections, their duties, and background; and, the various weapons and equipment employed during the period.

Re-enactment - What we do, our history, etc, and what other "impressions" of units from the period that we do, including a Recce sub unit from the Raiding Support Regiment, A battery, and the 3rd Company, 1st Battalion, 1st  Independent Polish Parachute Brigade.  This will also contain some history behind the various units portrayed.

Affiliated Groups - as part of the wider 39-45 Living History Society, 89FSS is pleased and proud to associate with a number of other British airborne re-enactment groups.  Each of the sites will also have background history to each of the units portrayed:

  • 9 / 249 Field Company (Airborne), Royal Engineers;
  • 6th Airborne, encompassing, 
    • 22nd Independent Parachute Company; 
    • the Glider Pilot Regiment; 
    • 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion; and 
    • the Royal Army Chaplains Department.

INTSUM - Current News & Reviews - For current news from the group, and reviews of recently published books.

Reading List - So you've looked through our site and want to know more.  This is a list of suggested reading material covering various aspects already mentioned in more depth.

Links - Links to other groups, societies, and providers of re-enactment kit.

Guestbook - Currently under construction.  When I figure how to work it, please feel free to leave a message before you leave. Some comments from the old site have been put here though.

Contact Us - If you would like to email us, please feel free to do so.

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[Home]     [Events]     [Links]     [Guestbook]     [Contact Us]

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