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History - Intelligence Corps & Airborne Forces

1940 - 1946



Intelligence Corps

Airborne Forces & Operations

89 (Parachute) Field Security Section

317 (Airborne) Field Security Section

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The following pages cover the historical background to what we do as a re-enactment group.   The sections of the Intelligence Corps & Airborne Forces and Operations are brief précis's of the subject matters (please see the reading list for suggested texts on these areas); the pages on both 317 & 89 Field Security Sections cover the units that we portray in more depth.


"I have ridden the skies in great machines, hooked up and jumped with the best of men.   I have fought long and hard,  and when I felt I had no energy left,  I have been fired by the fear that if I stopped fighting, my comrades would die.   And when I was in danger, enemy all around, I heard the thunder from my left and my right, as my life was defended.   I have never been alone.   I live, jump, fight and battle to victory with the greatest assemblage of men on earth."

- Anon.


89FSS - 1944

89 (Parachute) Field Security Section

England - 1944







317FSS - 1944

317 (Airborne) Field Security Section

Ranville, Normandy - June 1944

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