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Re-enactment Groups

39-45 Living History Society

Soldier Blue: WW2 RAF Regiment Living History Group

The Forties Family

The Tommy Atkins Society

The Northern World War II Association


Intelligence Corps Museum

Airborne Assault - Museum of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces

Museum of Army Chaplaincy

Royal Engineers Museum

Royal Gunpowder Mills

Royal Artillery Museum (Firepower)

Re-enactment Suppliers

What Price Glory

Pegasus Militaria

Soldier of Fortune

Fake-Money (Reproduction WW2 currency)

Miscellaneous - Sites of Interest - An excellent website with a variety of links about the battle at Arnhem

The Assault Glider Project

The Pegasus Archive - British Airborne Forces 1940  - 1945

Nick Halling Photography

Paul Meekins Military & History Books - An excellent supplier of the books listed on our reading list.



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This group is affiliated to the 39-45 Living History Society

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