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1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

Raiding Support Regiment

53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Air landing Light Regt., Royal Artillery

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The Group can also accurately portray elements from other World War II units:

A rifle section from: 3rd Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade.

 1st Battalion were billeted at Easton-On-The-Hill, near to Stamford, Lincs. The Brigade were formed from Polish patriots – volunteers who escaped from Poland, Russia, and even some who had been captured fighting as forced conscripts in the German Afrika Korps – all desperate to free their homeland.  The C-47 Dakota aircraft - deploying the section (represented by the group) - chalk 15 - aborted it’s the drop on 21st Sept 1944 and, in fact, didn’t drop (at a US 82nd Airborne DZ at Grave) until 23rd.  The Battalion were immediately lorried to Driel, where they were more than keen to get into the action! 

Recce sub from: “A” Battery, The Raiding Support Regiment

 The RSR were formed in 1943 at Azzeb in Palestine, by Lt Col Sir Thomas Devitt Bt, to provide heavy weapons support (5 Btys: of AT, AA, Mortar MG and Lt Gun) for raiding operations in Sicily, Italy and Yugoslavia. The unit, wore a distinctive caramel/chocolate beret – with a unique winged, mailed fist embroidered cap badge. “A” Bty were equipped with the US designed Mk8 Mountain/Airborne 75mm Pack Howitzer – transported in a number of “swashbuckling” manners, from Jeeps to Greek Caique boats along the Adriatic coastal littoral. The Recce sub located secure, suitable, firing positions for the guns supporting SAS and LRDG operations.

53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Air-Landing Light Regiment, Royal Artillery

The Queen's Own Worcester Hussars, or the Worcestershire Yeomanry, became one of a number of old militia cavalry regiments who in the post-WW1 retrenchment period were given the option of becoming a gunner regiment or disband.  Further, in 1943 the Regiment were given the honour of becoming the Light Regiment for the new 6th Airborne Division, then forming up.  Deploying by 80 of the famous Horsa gliders, with the Mk8 75mm pack howitzer, they landed in Normandy, fought in the Ardennes, and took part in the largest airborne operation of them all - VARSITY, in March 1945.  The re-enactment group can provide a gun crew (and supporting elements), given a gun of course!  (our thanks to the RA Museum)

Please follow the links to you left for further information and background history on each of the above units listed.


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