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Authenticity is a dirty word. 

Many groups have appointed "authenticity officers" and their role is enshrined in the constitution of those groups. We, in 89 FSS, don't feel the need to appoint an individual to do what is really the work of the whole group. It is the responsibility of every member of the group to ensure their own "period authenticity". 

Those multi-member groups who recruit widely will, of course, recruit numbers of personnel who have little or no real experience of the historic period that they are seeking to portray. This will be most apparent in the periods prior to the 19th Century. There may be a case therein, for a group educational programme.

However, we in this group consider that the passed on experiences of veterans, parents and grandparents, together with the readily available written and photographic guides, will allow us to accurately portray individuals from the years 1942-1945. A great source is the vast archive of film, both newsreel and the great British Cinema of the 1940s. We have many period photographs of Intelligence Corps personnel, and feel that we are doing the chaps justice in our representation/portrayal. Indeed, a recent charitable (Int Corps Museum) event supported by the group (6 Jul 04) saw many original 1940's Corps members complement us on our turn out.

Period military equipment is still readily available either as original, or as a quality reproduction and the group is ever expanding it's collection. Whether this be, the recently acquired Jeeps, or simpler articles such as the airborne food flask, or sleeping bag. It is the responsibility of the individual group member to furnish themselves with sufficient military and personal equipment from the period to ensure an accurate portrayal. Of course, newer members are assisted through the existing member's spares collections until they have acquired the correct period equipment. 

It is the responsibility of all in the group to maintain the high standards we have set ourselves.

We in 89 FSS do not seek to be "authentic", just "right" in our attempt to represent the great men who dropped in Normandy and at Arnhem.


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