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The 1940's were perhaps the last period in British history when a truly common union was felt - a cause where great men came to the fore. This time defeat, in the second great war in 20 years, meant oblivion. The author and historian Martin Windrow called the Second World War the "last great just war". It remains an honour to respectfully portray those men who won it.

89 Field Security Section (89FSS) – The re-enactment group, was formed, by kind permission of the then Director, The Intelligence Corps, in early 2002 - with advice (see his letter) from the FSO in command at Arnhem – the late Sir John Killick. 

The portrayal of Intelligence Corps personnel from the period 1942-45, has subsequently become more than a hobby, with the establishment of solid connections to both the regimental museum at Chicksands - The Intelligence Corps Museum (as part of the Museum of Military Intelligence, see link), and it’s Friends organisation.  Indeed, the group has both members, and officers, of the Friends of the Intelligence Corps Museum.  Supporting the Museum, a registered charity, has resulted in our participation at events at the Corps’ London TA Centre, a delightful garden party attended by a number of military stars (pun intended!), the launch and signing of (the now) WO2 Graeme Deeley’s masterwork “Worst Fears Confirmed”, and an upcoming event at the Museum – a visit by the Corps’ affiliated City Livery Company – the Worshipful Company of Painters Stainers.

Our first event at Bolsover in May 2002, was well received, with, an appearance in "Skirmish" magazine. Another happy result was first our meeting with another well respected British Airborne group. "Summer of 44" have remained firm friends ever since (thanks to Ade, Lez, Gary, Andy and Neil).   The Group maintains a busy annual “op tempo”, with invitations to major WW2 and multi-period historic re-enactment shows - the world famous War and Peace at Beltring, and, Gary Howard's superb Military Odysseys. Together with regular attendance at 1940's themed historic railway events (Severn Valley, and now the excellent Nene Valley), and, from 2005, providing annual support to other Corps Museum –  with shows at the Royal Artillery (Woolwich) and the Royal Engineers (Chatham) in our other, non- intelligence representations (see sections on RA and RE), our annual programme can be hectic.

The re-enactment calendar was joined by the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings - Op OVERLORD, and the battle of Arnhem - Op MARKET GARDEN. The group could not afford to let commemoration of these events pass by.  We spent 5 humbling days in Normandy in the company of heroes, centering on the night of 5/6th Jun at Pegasus Bridge. Our first "pilgrimage" to Arnhem was made all the more poignant by the passing in February 2004 of Sir John Killick (see obit), the FSO of 89 FSS, during Op MARKET GARDEN (and captured 200 yards from the bridge on the 21st!). On a much happier note it allowed us to attend the wedding of our old friends, Ade and Lez from "Summer of 44".  The Group maintains annual visits to Normandy and Arnhem, laying wreaths at the graves of fallen Corps personnel at CWGC, Ranville and Oosterbeek.

Our association with 85th Gebirgsjaeger, a non-political, Axis re-enactment group,  continues to have many dividends - not the least being the formation of the 1939-45 Living History Society.  The Group are delighted to have been founder members of a continually growing Society of affiliated, independent, groups – and a 2008 welcome to the “Glorious Glosters”.



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